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Every spring and summer, like clockwork, weekends begin to flutter with weddings. The weather, the light, the sun-kissed skin – it’s easy to see the appeal of opting for the traditional wedding season.

Many couples, however, decide to embrace the unique beauty of the winter season for their big day. If you’re busily planning your winter wedding, here are a few Costco Photo Center tips to help you tick off that wedding checklist. 

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Winter Wedding Themes

Besides picking the person you're going to marry, perhaps the most important wedding planning decision is determining a theme. Essentially, the theme guides you in every choice, from your menu to your wedding dress. One of the most fun ways to play with your theme is designing wedding invitations and stationery.

Give your guests a teaser of what to expect on your special day by customizing wedding invites and save-the-dates with colors and fonts that model your theme. Choose from beautiful patterns that glisten like snow, vintage themes with delicate illustrations, and modern designs that frame your stunning wedding photos with embellishments. To create a consistent look across wedding invites, programs, thank you cards and more – choose a matching suite for your wedding stationery. 

Venue Considerations

No matter what time of year, couples want a venue that strikes a perfect harmony with its amenities, cost, and the photo-worthy scenery. Winter weddings – those come with some unique concerns. If a big snowfall hits, is your venue a far distance from the major plowed routes? Will melting snow become an eyesore in the backgrounds of your photos? How can you get creative with decorations and photography in the frozen setting? 

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Keeping Warm

The ultimate winter wedding planning essential: a plan to keep you and your guests warm. For some outdoor ceremonies, rented space heaters are a must. For others, a basket of rolled fleece blankets is the perfect, cozy touch.

Warming up at a wedding can be fun, too. Find the perfect faux-fur shawls for you and your bridesmaids to wear with your dresses. At cocktail hour, offer mulled wine, specialty coffee or even a gourmet hot cocoa stand with special mugs for the bride and groom. 

Don't Forget the Little Details

Think through your wedding and reception from start to finish what might you need? Have a few umbrellas on hand in case you need them during your wedding photography session, or to keep guests dry between their car and the entrance. On a similar note, make sure you have a designated space for guests to hang their coats and scarves. Finally, enhance your wedding décor by adding candles to the centerpieces, which serve dual purposes by providing a bit of warmth and a romantic glow.