5 Wedding Invitations and Design Suites to Match Your Theme

Your friends and family will no doubt be delighted to find out the finer details of your big day. To further their excitement, why not hint at the wedding-to-be with mail to match your theme? 

Check five items off your wedding to-do list with Costco Photo Center’s matching card suites. Printed on premium card stock, suites include wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding programs, and RVSP cards. You’ll especially appreciate those ready-to-go thank you cards fresh from your honeymoon. 

We’ve paired 5 trending wedding themes with complementary wedding invite suites for a match made in heaven. 

1. ART DECO GLAM Wedding Invitations

It’s no surprise that the elegance of the 1920’s inspires celebrations almost a century on. Assure your guests that they’ll party in style with our Gilded Deco wedding invitation design. Every wedding card in the suite will ooze with decadence.

Wedding Invitations for Popular Wedding Themes-Art Deco US1

2. MODERN FAIRYTALE Wedding Invitations

Your Once Upon a Time is almost upon you! Let your guests in on your theme come true with our Mostly Marble wedding invitations and programs. The watercolor design subtly modernizes your fairytale, fashioning on-trend colors like rose quartz and serenity blue. 

Wedding stationery for romantic theme, US2

3. RUSTIC Wedding Invitations

There’s something incredibly charming about rustic weddings. Recreate the glow of delicate lights in your quaint barn venue with our Whimsical Lights card design suite. Your desired guests will get that tingling feeling when presented with these wedding invites adorned with twinkles and flowers. 

Wedding Invitations for Popular Wedding Themes-Rustic US1

4. MINIMAL Wedding Invitations

Getting married in minimal tones is as classy as it comes. You will shine in an understated setting – have your wedding cards stand out in the same way. Our Minimal Type wedding card set is simple yet self-assured, encouraging your guests to wear something clean and elegant on the big day. 

Wedding stationery for minimalist theme, US2

5. CRAFTY CHIC Wedding Invitations

Welcome boards, seating plans, place cards... many elements of the big day call for DIY chalkboards or painted pallets. Give your guests a sign of playful things to come with our Flourishing Chalkboard wedding invitations and cards. Mention the photo booth and yard games to create some excitement while you create those homemade centerpieces! 

Wedding stationery for crafty theme, US2Add extra finesse to your wedding cards by choosing the perfect color palette and corner style. Don’t forget to add your return address to the envelopes. Customize the complete suite and send them off for your guests to have and to hold from this day forward.


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