Essential Wall Décor Tips for Every Home

Last Updated: February 5, 2018

When you find or photograph an image that brings you the utmost joy, you'll want to display it in a way that truly accentuates its beauty. 

Every room in your home is full of opportunities to showcase your wall décor pieces with personality. We’re here to walk you through your next home décor refresh based on four essential interior decorating considerations: light, color, subject and space. 

1. Get Clever with Color

A splash of color will go a long way in your white and neutral tone rooms. Your kitchen is a place of creation after all – eye-catching wall décor will inspire your food prep. Customize metal prints to brighten your colorful photos further, bringing a welcome contrast to white spaces.

Mixed with items on open shelves or on walls between cabinets, metal wall art effortlessly coordinates with shiny hardware and surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. The smooth metal panel is easy to clean, and the rounded corners soften any room with sharp angles. 

2. Wall Décor Brought To Life By Light

Natural light is one of the most sought after features of any space. Position your art on a bright day, so that the light streaming through your living room window illuminates rather than shadows it.

Costco Photo Center’s acrylic prints are UV light protected, so neither your photo memories or colors will fade in sun-facing spaces. Quite the opposite – a vibrant acrylic image drenched in morning sunlight makes for a wonderful wakeup. 

Wall decor, home decor ideas-acrylic prints USbi1.jpg

3. Set the Mood with Subject

Certain rooms in your home pair well with a specific sort of artwork. A striking painting in the dining room is a great dinner conversation piece, while guest bedroom décor should evoke a relaxing haven for all tastes. For the guest bed, go for a design that is fairly neutral but gets noticed, striking a happy medium.

Costco's Art and Image Gallery makes finding the perfect piece a breeze. Narrow your search down by subject – our travel and sunsets categories in particular are full of crowd-pleasing professional photography. 

Remember that relaxing colors – blues, greens, and anything in between – promote mindfulness, putting your visitors at ease. 

Wall decor, bedroom decor ideas-multi panel canvas USbi2.jpg

4. Be Savvy with Smaller Spaces

Smaller rooms are often overlooked as a prime place for wall décor. Scale down with smaller sized pieces featuring light colors to keep the space feeling open. 

Transform hallway walls into a gallery with a cluster of custom canvas prints to make passing through a pleasure. Whether it's a photo timeline of the kids growing up or a collection of wedding pictures that bring you back to the church aisle, your heart will flutter daily as you stroll by. 

The beauty of customizing your own wall art is that you can personalize it perfectly for your home's unique style. When you're ready to print your next piece, remember that color, light, space and subject each come into play. 


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