Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last Updated: January 24, 2019

The season of love often inspires the all-important question – what to get for a Valentine’s Day gift?

Every relationship is different, and the types of gifts that are right for you will differ as well. Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, Costco Photo Center has Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help spread the love this year.  

1. A Valentine’s Day Adventure

The key to a great Valentine’s Day is spending quality time together. Plan a unique adventure for the two of you – like a cozy winter picnic at a quiet spot with a great view, or a date at the theatre that plays vintage romance flicks. Share the plans in your card and include a few cute photo prints and favorite snacks for a special touch.

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2. A Gift that Commemorates Your Relationship

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved one is one that celebrates your relationship. Track down one of your favorite photos together and turn it into art for your place. Choose canvas prints for a classic winner, or opt for metal prints or acrylic prints for a true showstopper. 


3. A Piece of Art That Represents a Memory

The perfect piece of professional artwork or photography is a tremendously meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. Costco’s Art & Image Gallery is filled with an incredible range of high-quality imagery.

Use the search tool to filter the collection to your gift idea – such as the location of your recent vacation, or your partner’s favorite subject, whether that’s vintage cars or close-up florals. They’ll love this gift, knowing it was hand selected by the one who knows them best. 

4. Something Sweet for Valentine's Day

Everyone loves a treat, but that doesn’t have to be a heart-shaped box of chocolates. How about a delicious breakfast in bed or a homemade dessert – paired with a meaningful photo gift that’s even sweeter. Create a personalized photo mug or photo plaque with a picture that will make them smile every day. 


5. Actions Speak Volumes

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about tangible gifts. Even if just for the day, what can you do to make your partner’s life easier?  Offer to be their door-to-door chauffer as they take on a list of errands, treat them to a massage or pedicure, wrangle the kids while they sleep in, or surprise them by hand-washing the car.

The secret to Valentine’s Day isn’t extravagant. It’s about determining the gesture that will mean the most to the person you love.