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Ah – the season of love. If you’re fortunate enough to share this Valentine’s Day with a loved one this year, you may be faced with the all-important question. What to get for a Valentine’s Day gift?

Every relationship is different, and the types of gifts that are right for you will differ as well. For some, teddy bears and heart shaped pillows do the trick. For others, it’s about time and effort rather than material gifts.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the Costco Photo Center to spread some love this year.

A Valentine’s Day Adventure

The key to a great Valentine’s Day is spending quality time together. If you’re looking for something other than the annual dinner reservation or candlelit meal at home, try something new! Bundle up, pack some food and go for a romantic winter picnic at a quiet spot with a great view. City life more your style? Find a theatre that’s playing vintage romance flicks. Wrap up the tickets with a few cute photos and favorite snacks for a special touch.

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Actions Speak Volumes

What can you do to make your partner’s life easier – even if just for the day. Offer to be their door-to-door chauffer as they take on a list of errands, treat them to a massage or pedicure, wrangle the kids while they sleep in, or surprise them by hand-washing the car. Pick the gesture that you know will mean the most to them.

Something Sweet

Everyone loves a treat, but maybe it’s time for something other than the heart-shaped box of chocolates. How about a sweet breakfast in bed with pancakes and a mocha. Or, prep a late-night dessert of sliced strawberries and chocolate fondue. Accompany the sweet gesture with a meaningful card or keepsake for the final touch.

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Commemorate Your Relationship

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved one is one that celebrates your relationship. Track down one of your favorite photos together, and create a canvas print for your place. Been together for a while? Compile photos that mark the milestones of your relationship into a photo book. Fill it with heartfelt captions that describe what each moment meant to you, and keep a few tissues on hand.