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If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve almost certainly taken many photos with it. Cameras in smartphones have drastically improved over the past 5 years, but taking great pictures with them is delicate work. They are designed with ease and speed in mind, so you have to make sure you know their capabilities inside and out. Here are a couple of quick Costco Photo Center tips to help you get the most out of your smartphone camera.

Well-lit photos work best

Don’t Rely on Digital Zoom or Flash

Even though it’s a setting on your phone, try not to rely on digital zoom too much. Shots taken in darker light using digital zoom tend to lose details and may come out grainy. Great lighting and a perfectly steady hand are key for smartphone zoom success. Instead of using digital zoom, try moving closer  smartphones pick up an amazing amount of detail when they aren’t zoomed in. If you need to use the flash, remember that a smartphone's flash will not light up an entire room. Be sure to get close enough for the flash to be effective.

Reflective photos

The Right Reflection

Photographers love how stories unfold in reflections. Windows, shiny metal surfaces, water  you name it. A reflective surface can add texture, depth and perception to your photography.

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Better Than the Norm

Sometimes, the built-in camera features on your phone just won’t cut it for certain kinds of photos. If you don’t think your phone’s camera app is up to the task, download one of the many third party camera apps from an app store. They usually come with a variety of neat features that allow you to play and create.

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