Decorating with Wedding Photos: Wall Décor Guide

Your wedding is a day you’ll remember forever. From the “I do” moment at the altar to heartwarming toasts made during the reception, turn your favorite memories into wall décor that adds personality to your home.

Try these decorating and design tips to help you decide on the perfect wedding picture to display in each room.

Newlyweds in Nature for the Living Room

Secluded parks and gorgeous beaches are go-to locations for a wedding photo shoot. Transform the scenic shot where you’re walking hand-in-hand towards the sunset into an eye-catching multi panel canvas print.

When hanging the wall art, space the canvas panels 2-3 inches apart – enough to show the separation effect without creating too much of a gap. Placed above the couch in the living room, this piece of custom art can be appreciated by housewarming party crowds and dinner guests alike.

Symbols of Love for the Bedroom 

Cherish the special moments from your wedding with a canvas print for the bedroom. Choose a close-up shot of your first dance that shows off the details that matter – like the gleam in the partner's eyes as he holds you in his arms.

For a timeless look, use a black and white filter on the picture. The absence of color emphasizes emotion and provides a stronger connection to the subject. The canvas will be the first thing you see in the morning, a symbol of your everlasting love for each other.

Wedding Photos, Canvas Print US1

A Wedding Gallery Wall that Tells a Story

Bring an empty wall or stairway to life with a gallery wall of your favorite wedding snapshots. Print photos that were taken during the first look between you and the groom, the exchange of vows, and intersperse them with close-ups of your bouquet, wedding décor and attire.

Organize your prints symmetrically, or mix it up with different sizes for a freestyle look. Incorporate metal wall art into your display. Its vivid, glossy finish will make the photos look as bright, shiny and beautiful as they are in your memory.

Bring Some Love to the Home Office

While you’re busy meeting deadlines in the office, you’re also counting down the hours until you get to see your loved ones. Decorate your home office with an acrylic print featuring a wedding photo. A picture of you and your spouse in the getaway car or a portrait with your bridesmaids will inspire you to power through the work day. 

Having trouble choosing just one photo? Combine multiple wedding day pictures of your parents, siblings and friends into a collage acrylic print with a custom border color and size.

Wedding Photos, Acrylic Prints US1

Thank Them with Meaningful Wall Décor Gifts

Your family and friends spent countless hours making sure your wedding day was perfect. Surprise them with a photo gift to show your appreciation for their constant love and support. 

Candid photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen make for a heartfelt keepsake and gorgeous wall décor. Turn picture-perfect moments with your parents into metal prints – photos of dad walking you down the aisle and of mom helping you with your veil will touch their heart. 

Now that you know what to do with your wedding photos, grab some measuring tape, wall hooks and your partner, and start decorating!


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