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Want to take on a fun challenge in 2017? Capture your 365. The idea is simple: choose a theme and take a new photo every day that follows that theme. When you’re done, you’re left with an awesome collection that’s unique to you.

You can take the daily photo challenge in any direction you like, but here are some Costco Photo Center tips to inspire you along the way. 

The Places You’ve Been

Want to see more of the world, or appreciate the spaces near you? Make your photo challenge to take a photo each day of a new place that you visit. Whether you’re travelling abroad or exploring your own hometown, there are endless places to discover. Trying a new café, taking a different route on a hike, or visiting a wonder of the world – snap a photo and jot down a few notes about the area. 

COSUS - New Year Photo Challenge - Explore Places (1).jpg

The Faces You’ve Met

Want to meet more people? Make an effort to meet a new person each day, and ask them if you can take their photo for your project. It’s a great challenge to push you outside of your comfort zone, and who knows – you might even make some great friends through it. 

The Things You’ve Seen

For a unique way to create a niche collection of photos, make it your goal to take a photo of a certain something each day. Dogs, doorways, high-heeled shoes or vintage cars – choose something that interests you, track down a new one each day, and find new ways to capture it in a photo. By the end, you’ll have created an impressive gallery that people will love to look through. 

COSUS - New Year Photo Challenge - Meet People.jpg

Commemorating Your Collection

The simplest way to keep track of all 365 photos throughout the year is through an account on a photo platform like Instagram or Flickr. Friends and people all around the world can enjoy your photo challenge and think up their own. 

You’re guaranteed to have some favorite shots by the end. Create a stunning, tangible keepsake with a photo book, featuring as many photos as you’d like. Or, pick the photos that you can’t get enough of and turn them into unique wall décor as canvas prints or poster boards.