5 Ways to Treat Mom on Mother's Day

Last Updated: April 18, 2019

Whether you refer to her as “Mum,” “Honey,” “Grandma,” or otherwise, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate Moms everywhere.

Want to give Mom a special day she’ll always remember? Check out these Mother’s Day ideas from Costco Photo Center to discover activities and gifts for mom that will show her how thankful you are.

1. A Real Family Portrait

Mom (or Grandma) is often the one asking everyone to cozy up for a photo at birthdays or special occasions. But how often do these last-minute photo ops turn out as well as she’d hope?

For a Mother’s Day gift she’ll truly appreciate, plan a real family photo shoot. Get in touch with a local photographer, or hire a friend who’s good with their camera, and coordinate the time, place and dress code. Turn the best shot into a stunning family portrait as a canvas print. Mom will cherish the finished product, and the effort behind it. 

Gifts for Mom, artwork prints US2

2. Artwork Just For Her

Moms are known for being very generous with their time and space. Show her some love with a unique Mother’s Day gift that’s solely for her. Explore the Art & Image Gallery to find famous artwork or photography to hang in her favorite space of the house – whether it’s an office, reading nook, music room or anywhere else. 

3. An Outing She’ll Appreciate

Want to treat Mom to a unique Mother’s Day activity? There are plenty of opportunities out there, find one that suits her interests.

  • Visit a new park for a scenic stroll
  • Plan brunch at a restaurant on her must-try list
  • Arrange a mother-daughter manicure
  • Go shopping at the greenhouse and spruce up the garden together
  • Check venue listings for art or music shows she’d like

4. A Mom-Only Mug

Particularly if she has young children, Moms don’t tend to have many belongings that are entirely their own. Kids like to touch, try, taste and share what Mom has – so think about a gift for Mom that will be hers, and hers alone. For example, create a photo mug in her favorite color with a photo that she loves. Some mug designs even allow you to add custom text, like "Mom's Mug" or "Hands Off." 

Mothers day gifts for mom - photo mug US2

5. A Kind Gesture

If you prefer, you can absolutely keep it simple. Find a sweet Mother’s Day card to give her and show her you care with your actions around the house. Take over the cooking and cleaning – and truly put you effort into it – to let her relax.

That’s another reason Moms are great: no matter what you do, she’ll be thankful. 


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