4 Kid-Friendly Portrait Ideas

Last Updated: April 18, 2017

Kids grow up fast. You want to capture every cheeky smile, every wide-eyed fascination, and each new step. So often these playful times with your kids look picture perfect in the moment, but the snaps you take don’t capture that.

Want to take better photos of your kids? Venture out for some playtime at the park and try these kid-friendly photo ideas and tips from Costco Photo Center.

1. Move Fast

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring the camera’s shoulder strap on this family photoshoot, because you’re going to be moving quick. Don’t expect – or ask – your kids to slow down. Let them explore, and follow their lead.

At a playground, there are tons of props for the kids to interact with to create awesome action shots. Get in front of your kids as they head towards the slide so you shoot them as they glide down with a big smile. If they run off to the swingset, join them! Stay low – just out of reach of swinging feet – to get awesome shots with the blue sky as your backdrop. You’ll need a fast shutter speed to stop the motion.

family photo ideas - kids portraits canvas prints US2.jpg

2. Capture Their Achievements 

Playtime is an opportunity for your kids to try new things, and photography allows you to capture the action. If your little one is practicing the monkey bars, take a stream of photos that will capture the milestone. Zoom in on her shoes before they leave the ledge, her hands as they reach up, and then step back to photograph the exciting moment in all of its glory.

Pulled together in a cluster of canvas prints or a collage print, you’ll always remember the day like it was yesterday.

3. Play with Perspective & Lines

If you’re willing to get a little messy, you can take awesome family photos from intriguing perspectives. Get behind the ladder to snap shots of your kiddo as they conquer the obstacle, each square framing them in cool ways. A fun idea for beginner photographers and playground-explorers alike: the tunnel shot. Get down to their level for a cool photography angle that will surround your child with colorful contrast.

family photo ideas - kids portraits plaques US1.jpg

4. Forget About Posing

When photographing your kids, it’s not about asking them to ‘Say Cheese,” “sit still,” or even “hold your brother’s hand.” It’s about letting them have as much fun as possible, and capturing that authentic joy as best as you can.

Transform their genuine happiness into a photo plaque or a collage photo mug to keep the memories with you every day, at home or at work.