How to Decide: Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints or Canvas Prints

Last Updated: September 21, 2017

Decorating your home should be an enjoyable process that allows you to express your creativity, style and personal sentiments. With so many home décor possibilities, however, the decision-making process can become overwhelming.

Costco Photo Center has several products that allow you to transform your best family photos  or the famous artwork and photography you select from our Art & Image Gallery  into custom wall décor. Here, we’ll help you understand the differences between our acrylic prints, metal prints and canvas prints. 

Acrylic Prints

Our latest wall décor addition, acrylic prints are a modern, trendy way to display your photography. Your photo is printed directly onto optically clear, .22” thick museum-quality acrylic. Light refracts through the acrylic glass, giving your photos substance and depth, as well as superb image quality from edge to edge. The back of your print is protected with a coating of white UV curable ink.

Acrylic prints showcase vibrant colors with a glasslike glossiness. As light refracts in the acrylic, this medium is a great way to decorate a modern home with your most eye-catching travel photos, cityscapes or rural landscape shots.

canvas prints, metal prints - acrylic prints US2.jpg

  • Mounting: Sturdy French cleat hanging mount allows your acrylic print to sit ½" off the wall.
  • Options: Create with a single image or combine up to 30 photos in a collage acrylic print.

Metal Prints

Create wall décor that shines with our metal prints. Metal prints offer a sleek, luminous way to add artwork to your home. Your photos are infused to a .04” aluminum panel, with a glossy coating and rounded edges for a smooth, polished finish.

Metal prints are perfect for highlighting photos with rich color and crisp detail. The metal features a glossy finish, which is particularly striking with family photos from a sunny day or images that feature metallic architecture or glistening water.

acrylic prints, canvas prints - metal prints US2.jpg

  • Mounting: Sturdy mounting fixture secured to the back allows metal prints to ‘float’ off the wall.
  • Options: Create with a single image or combine up to 30 photos in a collage metal print.

Canvas Prints

Transform your photo into a work of art as a sophisticated canvas print. Your photo is directly printed onto museum-quality poly cotton woven canvas and stretched around hand-cut, 1¼" deep wooden strecher bars. Ready-to-hang canvas prints are finished with UV light protection that prevents fading and cracking.

Canvas prints add a touch of elegance to any room – an excellent choice for family portraits, serene nature shots or close-up photography that highlights unique textures. While color looks beautiful on canvas, you can also create timeless art with black and white canvas prints. Design your own gallery wall by mixing various canvas print sizes and styles. 

acrylic prints, metal wall decor - canvas prints US2.jpg

  • Mounting: Canvas is wrapped around 1¼" deep stretcher bar with hanging hardware installed. 
  • Options: Choose a wrap style (full image museum wrap, black edge or white edge), or add a floating wooden frame to your canvas.

Get creative with your canvas décor by splitting one photo across multiple canvas panels with multi-panel canvas prints or creating a cluster of canvas prints in your preferred layout.


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