Great Personalized Gift Ideas for Dog and Cat Lovers

Last Updated: October 5, 2017

As gift shopping goes, the animal lovers in our lives are relatively easy to please. Essentially any gift that’s related to or features their favorite animal will guarantee a smile.

Whether it’s their birthday gift or holiday present—step up your gift giving with one-of-a-kind keepsakes that are custom made for the pet lovers in your life. Check out these personalized gifts for dog lovers, cat fans and animal champions from Costco Photo Center. 

1. Turn their Favorite Pet Photo into Custom Art

Dog people and cat people are more alike than they’d like to think—they both treat their pets like family members (or better!). Pet beds and toys are dotted across every room in their house, pets’ birthdays are a big ordeal, and their phone and social media feed is packed with adorable shots of their personal sidekick. Create the perfect gift for dog lovers and cat lovers alike by turning those “aww”-inducing photos into metal prints or canvas prints for their space.

2. Professional Animal Photography and Artwork

You don’t have to own a pet to call yourself a fan—another great gift for animal lovers is a great piece of animal-inspired artwork or professional animal photography. Costco’s Art and Image Gallery contains hundreds of animal portraits, paintings and unique photographs which you can order as a photo canvas wrap, metal wall décor, print enlargement or poster board. The right animal photo could be the perfect addition to their home gallery wall, or a cool way to add personality to their workspace.

Gift for animal lovers, gift ideas for pet lovers - animal art US1.jpg

3. Create a Cozy Blanket with a Photo of Your Pet  

The ultimate gift for the friend or family member in your life who's obsessed with their pet is the custom photo throw. It's soft, fun and completely unique—just like their cherished pet. Create the custom photo blanket with an adorable picture of Charlie the Bernese Mountain Dog or Jasmine the Siamese cat—they’ll love it, promise! They’ll be cuddling up with it from day one, and proudly showing it off to guests.

4. Bring Your Pet to Work Every Day

For a sure-fire hit, create a custom photo plaque with a photo of the pet lover's four-legged friend. Even for the smallest of pets or occasions, this simple yet charming tabletop gift works in any space. Animal lovers can place it on the mantelpiece at home so their pet feels like royalty, or they could proudly display it on their desk at work so every visiting coworker can bask in the cuteness. 

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5. Make Coffee-Time Cute with Photo Mugs

Who doesn’t love a mug? Photo mugs are a great gift for pet lovers, allowing them to take their favorite dog, cat, bunny or other critter with them to the office. Grab an adorable photo of the two of them from their social media page or snap a new one. Every stroll to the tea kettle will be an opportunity to show it off! 

Whether it's the ecstatic dog who greets you at the door or the carefree cat who strolls across your keyboard, pets bring great joy, laughter and companionship to the lives of their human counterparts. That's worthy of celebration.