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Graduation is a major milestone in any student’s life. Whether it’s high school grad or college commencement, it means progress, change and plenty to be proud of.

A graduation party is the perfect way to celebrate years of hard work and determination. Check out Costco Photo Center’s graduation party ideas and tips to show your grad just how proud of them you are. 

The Venue & Guest List

Hosting a graduation party in the comforts of your home gives you endless flexibility and a relaxed environment. Think about a theme and plan your party around it – do you prefer a graduation soirée with a variety of appetizers and fancy drinks, or is a casual backyard barbecue the right choice?

In addition to inviting relatives, long-time friends and neighbors, speak to some of the other grad parents to see if they’d like to team up. Your son or daughter will love being able to share the excitement with a few of their fellow graduates, and it takes a bit of planning pressure off each family that’s willing to share the responsibility.

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Send Out Those Invites

Once you’ve got your guest list figured out, design beautiful graduation party invitations as early as possible. There are dozens of stunning designs to choose from, which you can customize with photos of your grad, all the party details, and a congratulatory sentiment.

Graduation Party Décor & Treats

With ‘Class of 2017’ banners, diplomas and graduation caps – there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with graduation party décor and treats. Cut some poster paper into 2-0-1-7 and cover each number in a collage of photo prints of your student through the years. Short on time? Easily create a photo wall for the party by ordering a few great poster prints or poster boards and add the finishing touch with 2017-shaped balloons.  

When it comes to the dessert table, you can wrap ribbons around rolled wafer cookies or white napkins for a play on the diploma. Adorn your cupcakes with graduation cap toppers or photo props that your guests will adore.  Be a punny host by adding “book worm” gummies, “Smartie pants” candies, and a bunch of “so long suckers” to the spread of sweets.

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A Meaningful Surprise

The secret to a memorable grad party is a meaningful keepsake for the guest of honor. For a thoughtful graduation gift, design a custom photo book with a timeline of pictures that show how your son or daughter has grown up. Certain themes like Graduation Yearbook or Modern Ivory have plenty of white space around photos, providing room for guests to leave a piece of advice or their favorite graduation quotes.

Alternatively, set up a DIY card box and quickly design customized cards with room for guests to write their message. No matter what you do, they’ll appreciate it.