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Like any major milestone in life – graduation brings a mix of excitement and nerves. Some parents are all smiles at the grad party or the commencement ceremony, while others are trying to keep it together.

Either way, it’s a time that you want to make the most of. Check out these graduation gift ideas from Costco Photo Center to celebrate your grad’s achievements.

1. Dorm Décor 

When you’re moving into a new space, a little decorating is in order to make yourself feel at home. Guide your graduate into adulthood with a few pieces of sophisticated artwork. Explore the Art & Image Gallery to find timeless art and professional photography for any taste. The right image will adorn their walls as they transition from dorm room to student housing and beyond.  

2. Memories From Home

For many students, graduation means moving away from home – and the familiar faces that reside there. A sweet grad present allows them to take a piece of home with them when they go.

Create a photo book with pictures of the family and friends that they’ve grown up with. When life gets stressful, they can flip through the pages and smile. Are they leaving a family pet behind? Find an adorable picture of your furry family member and turn it into a photo plaque so they’re never too far apart.

Great gifts for grads, photo plaques US2

3. A Tool for Memory Making

No graduate would turn down a shiny new tech gift! While a laptop or TV surely tops the list of some students, a digital camera may be the perfect gift for your grad who’s budding with creativity. It will allow them to capture beautiful memories of the exciting chapter that awaits. Include a few photo prints in the wrapping to hint at what’s to come. 

4. Something Timely

Whether they’re going into nursing school, accepting a football scholarship or starting at a marketing firm – great gifts for grads are ones that set them up for success.

A nice wristwatch will get them to class on time – pair it with a custom calendar with friendly reminders to “Call Mom” or “Visit Home” every now and again.

Great gifts for grads, custom calendars US2

5. Grown-Up Gifting Fun

Growing up comes with plenty of added responsibility, which is an opportunity for some kind-hearted jokes. Blend practicality and humor with these grad gifts:

  • A set of cleaning products
  • Any of their bills that you’d been covering
  • Basic ‘adulting’ books for cooking, taxes or laundry
  • “Emergency” grocery store gift cards

Once you’ve found the perfect graduation gift, don’t forget the most important part. Tell your grad how proud of them you are.


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