DIY Photo Prints Project: Kids' Growth Chart

Last Updated: July 27, 2017

Kids grow up fast. In any interpretation of the phrase, it rings true. Particularly in terms of their size. As toes start to hang over sandals and pants quickly become shorts, you wonder how the time could possibly fly by so fast.

That’s why we love taking photos of our kids: to document all of their little moments before they become big. For a unique way to display photos of your growing kids, try creating a DIY growth chart with family photo prints from the Costco Photo Center.  

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Family Growth Chart & Photo Collage in One

The family height chart has been around for centuries in simpler, less attractive iterations. If you’d rather not have scrawled pen markings or jagged carvings decorating your nice walls, this sophisticated version is right for you! The photo prints make it a charming way to visually see how your children have grown year after year and, because it’s a DIY project, you can personalize it completely to coordinate it with the style of your home décor. 

Create a DIY growth chart with photo prints, kids height US2.jpg

Creating a DIY Height Chart

First things first: decide if you would like to make one chart for your entire family, or individual growth charts for each of your kids. Then, head over to your local lumber store or reclaimed wood supplier to get started. 

 Growth Chart: Supply List
 Growth Chart: Instructions
  • A 6' tall plank (or 7' if your family inherited the tall genes); width can vary but we recommend at least 10" to fit your photo prints
  • Wood stain or paint in your preferred color (consider the design of the space where the growth chart will be)
  • Sanding paper/electric sander
  • Top coat: stain sealant or paint wax
  • Metal tape measure
  • Dark paint for the measurement markings, and a stencil of numbers
  1. Sand every side of your board until it’s smooth to the touch. Tip: sanding makes a bit of a mess – do this outside!
  2. Apply your stain or paint (follow the instructions on the can). 
  3. Measure out your markings with a pencil and tape measure. Make the bottom of the board start at the 6” mark, so that the top will be 6’ 6”. This will allow you enough space to attach it the wall above your baseboard.
  4. Use your stencil and dark paint for the numbers and lines.
  5. Finish your project with the sealant or wax.

Choose the hanging method that works for you, whether it’s drilled into the wall, hung with sawtooth hangers, or attached with Velcro strips. All that really matters is that the height is accurate – the plank should begin 6” from the floor.

Adding Your Photos

Once you have your growth chart board created, it's easy and fun to add your family photos. Dig through your phone, camera or digital photo collection to find photos of your children – one per year, per child – and upload them to your Costco Photo Center account. Then, order photo prints in your preferred size and add them to the board with double-sided tape or pins. As the years go on, take a photo at every birthday to upload, print and add to the chart. Opt for the black and white filter to create a timeless, beautiful look.

This DIY photo project is one that grows with your family. As the kids creep up and cross the 5’ or 6’ lines and you find yourself wishing they were little again, you’ll be able to look back at each photo and remember what a wonderful time it was.


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