A Guide to Taking Engagement Photos: Settings, Poses and More

Last Updated: January 10, 2018

Congratulations, lovebirds! Engagements are one of the most exciting moments life has to offer. The ring on your finger makes you feel lighter somehow, filled with butterflies and uplifting wishes from loved ones. 

Costco Photo Center has photo ideas, pose recommendations and more to help you capture beautiful engagement pictures that you, family and friends will adore.

When to Take Your Engagement Photos

There are no set rules on when, where or how to take your engagement photos – but as a general guideline:

  1. In the moment – A few photos from the proposal or the following day are essential. Even if they’re not professional or perfectly planned, you’ll want to save the fresh excitement and giddy smiles.
  2. First/second month – Set up a time for your official engagement photo session early in your engagement to capture beautiful shots that you’ll cherish.

Professional engagement pictures are perfect for your save the date cards or magnets. And your engagement photo shoot is also an opportunity to audition a wedding photographer. If you’re happy with the result, reserve him/her for the big day! 


The Right Photo Shoot Settings For You Two

Wondering where to take your engagement photos? There are two essential factors to keep in mind. First, think of spaces that have personal relevance to your relationship. The restaurant where you had your first date, the boardwalk where you first said “I love you,” the quaint park near your apartment that’s become a favorite – or a photo tour of them all. 

And second – determine if it will photograph well. Take the surrounding colors, natural light and foot traffic of each option into consideration. 

What to Wear in Engagement Photos

Whether you’re an outfit planner by nature or not, do yourself a favor and pick out the clothes to wear in your engagement photos before the morning of. The hues and formality of your clothing should complement your partner’s, but not match overtly. Avoid items with visible logos or distracting patterns, but don’t shy away from colors you love. 

Engagement Picture Poses and Photo Ideas

Your photographer will likely have poses in mind, but as clients you’re welcome to provide your own shot-list or special requests. Some photo ideas: 

  • Foreheads touch – Show your ring naturally by resting your hand on your fiancé’s chest or cheek
  • Big spoon, little spoon – As your partner kisses the top of your head, gently rest your hands on their arms wrapped around you
  • The slow dance – From close up or at a distance, these heavenly shots foreshadow your first dance
  • Personalize it – Whether it’s a pinky promise or a piggy back ride, take a few shots that showcase the little habits that make you unique


With the proper forethought and a good photographer, your engagement pictures will be ones you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Share the knot-tying news with custom save the date cards, and commemorate the most breathtaking shots as beautiful wall décor for your home. 


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