Create a Photo Gallery Wall with Canvas Prints

Last Updated: October 5, 2017

Ready to refresh a certain wall in your home? Liven it up with a splash of personality by creating a gallery wall of photo memories. Get creative with these gallery wall ideas and canvas prints from Costco Photo Center. 

The beauty of the home photo wall is that it’s completely open to interpretation. Minimalistic or complex, streamlined or asymmetrical, with or without shelving – any way you design it, fill it with memories that matter most to you. Measure your wall and get started!

Choose Photos with Consistency in Mind

The secret to selecting photos for a gallery wall is to show some consistency in theme, tone or photographic style. Large collections will look cohesive – not cluttered – if the photos look like they could have all been taken in one day or by one photographer (even if they weren’t).

If combining landscape shots with outdoor still life, use photos that have consistent lighting and contrast. For your family photo wall, show consistency with the focal distance in each person’s portrait, or by using photos where the backgrounds feature similar color palettes.

Canvas prints gallery wall decor ideas_colorUS1.jpg

Be Selective with Canvas Print Finish Options

No matter which photos you combine in your personal gallery, print and finish selections can provide that professionally-designed look. If your photos vary in color tone, apply a black and white or sepia filter to all your canvas prints for a well-rounded look. Or, add a wooden frame to each panel for a consistent, polished finish. Sizing choices can have a significant impact as well. Select and print individual canvas prints to create a custom gallery wall layout, or choose one of the cluster canvas layouts for an easy configuration.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big & Bold

Gallery walls are feature walls – so don’t be afraid to take a design risk and go big and bold with your canvas prints. Use your highest-quality digital photos to create a stunning, simple photo wall with 2 - 4 large format canvases. Choose one great shot of each of the kids for the family room, a few treasured wedding photos for your bedroom, or some travel photos that you’re particularly proud of for the front entry.

Canvas prints gallery wall decor ideas_familyUS1.jpg

Complete the Look with Supporting Elements & Artwork

Although you can create an impactful gallery wall with photos alone, you might choose to complement your pictures with one or two art prints or decorative embellishments. The Art & Image Gallery contains thousands of pieces of great artwork and professional photography – print your favorite(s) to complete your photo wall. Add nostalgia by incorporating a few older photo prints, decorative family plates, a rustic mirror – or freshen it up with some wall-mounted flower vases.

The walls in your house are a blank slate waiting for your personal touch. No matter how you design your gallery wall, make it something you can’t wait to come home to – make it uniquely, perfectly you


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