Holiday Gift Ideas for The Young at Heart

To you they might be Mom and Dad, your best friends Annie and Will, or Grandma and Grandpa. No matter what you call them, these are the folks who get to spend less time worrying about kids or stressful jobs, and more time enjoying the freedom and relaxation they deserve. 

Whether they’re traveling the world, hosting awesome parties for grandkids or investing in newfound interests and talents, celebrate the young at heart with meaningful gifts they'll love. 

1. Photo Books

When raising kids is checked off your to-do list, the world becomes your oyster once again. The adventure-seeking young at heart are able to capitalize on this freedom, and the photo opportunities it affords. For a great gift, compile their travels into beautiful photo books to proudly share with friends, family and neighbors. 

Create a photo book that contains all the year's excursions and bucket list achievements in one, or multiple books for each adventure. To get the photos, have or help them add all their digital pictures to a shared cloud drive under the guise of curiosity. Then, surprise them with a stunning printed book! 


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Great gifts for grandparents, photo blanket US1

2. Photo Throw

When kids grow up and move out, the transition is bittersweet for parents. The peace is relieving, but family get-togethers become even more cherished. The exciting presence of kids and grandkids for a holiday visit is a present in itself. Make it even more special by sharing a heartwarming gift like a photo throw. 

Personalize it with a great group photo from the last big family occasion. Nothing is more important than time spent together, and this gift shows that. Mom and Dad can wrap up in the picture blanket to keep family close all year, no matter where life takes everyone.


3. Collage Metal Print

Evident by their expansive story collection, the young at heart have a lot to share and be proud of. Raising great kids is probably their crowning achievement. A meaningful, appreciative gift from all the kids is a collage metal print.  

Create a collage of photos from all the siblings – ones that showcase your happiness or proud moments. Posed with your significant other, your kids, your graduation cap or your first home, the custom wall art will show your folks what their great parenting has led to. 


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The holidays are all about showing love and consideration to those who matter to you. And when your gift reflects what matters most to the recipient, it's a guaranteed winner. Spoil the young at heart with something truly special – they deserve it. 

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