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When you receive a baby shower invitation, you know you’re in for a day of excitement, treats and fun ways to spoil the momma-to-be. While your presence and support already mean so much to the baby’s parents, it’s always a sweet gesture to treat the new baby with a present as well.

Here are some great baby shower gift ideas from the Costco Photo Center so you’re ready for the upcoming baby shower.

The Necessities

Ask any parents and they’ll tell you that you can never have too many of the essentials. Diapers, wipes and baby food make great baby shower gifts – helping to save new parents one extra trip to the store. And while newborn onesies are completely adorable, it’s a thoughtful idea to help prepare parents for the coming months – or even years – by providing toddler clothing and books that the new baby can grow into. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas -US nursery decor (2).jpg

Nursery Décor

The parents have probably been getting their baby nursery furniture set up for months now, but they may not have had time to think about wall décor. Find an expansive collection of Children’s Art in the Art & Image Gallery, including everything from friendly monsters, storybook characters, and vintage illustrations that will help the new baby learn numbers and letters as they grow.  You can print your favorite images on canvas prints, poster boards, or any way you like.

Time Off

There’s nothing more valuable than time, which becomes ever more precious with a newborn baby in the mix. A creative and much-appreciated gift is an offer to come over and help out with tasks that get put on hold to care for the baby. Offering your time to clean, organize the baby nursery, or even go grocery shopping would be a huge help. When the baby is a little older, you can offer to babysit while parents go on a date. For a fun, tangible way to present your gift – customize and print unique baby cards.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - US baby cards (1).jpg

Something Truly Special

The first few months with a new baby are beautiful moments that will be forever cherished. Are you good with a camera? For a unique and meaningful baby shower gift, give your friend or loved one a photoshoot session! Dress up the baby in a cute outfit, find a nice backdrop close to home, and click away. When you’re done, narrow down the best baby photos and create a stunning family portrait on a canvas print or metal print to hang in the baby’s bedroom.