5 Cute Baby Photo Ideas & Props

Last Updated: October 9, 2019

Babies have a way of making us melt with every little, charming thing they do. Capturing each of those tiny moments with photos allows us to relive them time and time again.  

Here are some unique baby photo shoot ideas from the Costco Photo Center that you can create with props that you probably already have at home.

1. The Stuffy Showdown

With soft texture and bright colors, stuffed animals provide great stimulation for a new baby. And since stuffies and babies are similar in size, they also make fun photo props. Create a cute picture for your baby photo book by cuddling your little one and their animal friend under a blanket with their faces peeking out. Or, line up a row of stuffies with your baby somewhere in between to make viewers do a double-take.

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2. Add Whimsy to Kids' Photos with Balloons 

Colorful balloons are a perfect photo prop. For newborn photography, create a comfy basket for your baby to nap in and tie a half-dozen balloons to the handle. For toddlers, let them hold on to the balloon strings. Either way, these baby pictures will be adorable and light as air.

A simple DIY photo backdrop will make your picture pop. Get situated in front of long curtains, or drape a bed sheet over a door for a quick and easy background for your photo shoot.

3. Who's That in the Mirror?

The lovable mix of excitement and wonder when babies catch their own reflection is definitely photo-worthy. Grab a mirror with a nice frame and lean it against a wall or on the ground outdoors. When photographing, aim your camera at the mirror so that the baby’s reflection is the focus. It’s an easy way to create a cool perspective—just have a cleaning cloth on-hand to keep smudges at bay.

4. Blocks are Fun Props for Baby

There’s a lot of fun to be had with toy blocks as a photo prop. Try these photo ideas: 

  • Stack letter cubes into your child’s name in the foreground, while your baby plays in the background
  • Arrange blocks into a structure and use manual focus to frame your baby through an opening in the blocks
  • Use a fast shutter speed and snap a burst of photos as your baby triumphantly knocks down a tower

Creating a photo backdrop is even easier when your baby is seated on the floor. Simply hang a blanket in the pattern or color of your choice over the side of a crib or the back of a couch.

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5. Bubbles Add Magic in Baby Photos

Bubbles have a whimsical effect in photos, and babies are particularly impressed by the floating spheres of shininess. Head outside with your bottle of bubbles and a blanket for an adorable photo shoot against a natural backdrop.  

Tip: Bring a friend to blow the bubbles so you can focus on taking photos.

All of these baby photos can be turned into personalized home décor as canvas prints or metal prints, or shared with friends and family as a photo mug or baby card.


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