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Shopping for holiday gifts that will truly stand out? Acrylic prints are the newest wall décor option from the Costco Photo Center. As light and vibrant color refract through the clear acrylic, this gift will brighten up any space.

Check out these personalized gift ideas that friends and family will love. 

❆ For the Wanderer of the World

We all know someone who’s caught the travel bug. In dreams or in reality, they’re making their way around the globe (and their bucket list). Celebrate that adventurous spirit this season with a personalized acrylic print. Choose one of his or her beloved shots from their latest journey or – better yet – a photo of the two of you from a memorable trip.

Prefer the work of the pros? The Travel category of the Photo Center's Art & Image Gallery has stunning sights to see. Search for and print their ideal destination – whether it’s a Santorini sunset or the peaks of Machu Picchu.

❆ For the One Away From Home

Have a friend or relative who’s recently moved? A familiar scene, face or style will make anywhere feel like home. For a sentimental gift, create custom wall décor with a cherished photo from their hometown or a group shot with their nearest and dearest.

The right piece of art can also bring comfort to a new space. Easily search their favorite colors or artistic styles in the Art & Image Gallery to find a winner.

Polished acrylic prints catch the light and all the attention. This modern gift is bound to be the recipient’s favorite of the season!