5 Photo Ideas for a Rainy Day

Last Updated: March 28, 2018

If you’re looking for fun rainy day activities, embrace rain’s infinite unique photo opportunities. Read on for Costco Photo Center’s top 5 rain photo ideas, featuring fun props and practical tips.

Remember, a plastic bag can be a quick and easy way to protect your camera from rain. Fix it in place with a rubber band over the lens hood, open a hole at the lens, and you’re good to go.

Play with Precipitation Props 

Maximize your rain gear as photo props – your kids can prance with umbrellas, spread their wings in ponchos and splash out in bright rubber boots. Add to the joy by bringing your dog that’s always willing to get wet! If you can’t resist dancing in the rain, grab a friend to volunteer as a photographer, or take advantage of your camera’s self-timer!

Reflections in Rain Photography

Reflections in puddles make for striking shots. When focusing purely on the puddle, a polarizing filter will reduce glare. Shots of you or your family looking down at the puddle work nicely. When including both your subject and its reflection, focus the direct light on the subject – your kids stomping puddles in the park, or buildings lit up at night.

Our acrylic prints refract light, adding vibrancy to your wall décor. 

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Inside Looking Out 

You can even stay inside and get snaps that sum up being snug on a rainy day. Set up family photos with rain drops on a background window. Think outside of the home too; in cozy cafes or through the car window on a scenic drive. Write or draw in the steamy window for a cute creative touch. 

A hot drink on a rainy day is a liquid cuddle, so why not print your favorite rainy day on a photo mug

Rain: Make Light of It  

Nighttime lights make awesome rain spotlights, giving your photo a dramatic edge. If you’re out on a rainy date night downtown, welcome the chance to capture intimate shots under the umbrella – your romantic roof! Getting caught in the rain makes for photos fit for a romantic blockbuster. Utilize street lamps, car lights, or neon lights to achieve that dazzling glow. To capture every raindrop, use a quick shutter speed.

Transform your rainy days photos into home décor with metal prints, which feature a glossy finish that highlights water reflections.

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Rainy Day Photo Collection  

Take your time with a weather-orientated photo collection, getting shots over any number of shower days. In Grandma’s garden, on a family trip to the coast – wherever gets wet! Rainy day photos add real seasonal variety to a photo calendar. If 12 photos aren't enough, incorporate the drizzly photos in your annual photo book

Next time you’re stuck for what to do on a rainy day, don your rain coat and rubber boots and give these photo tips a go. Nurse a hot chocolate in the warmth after your outdoor photography session to get the best of both rainy worlds!