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We all know that work days can be long and study sessions can seem endless. A custom mousepad from the Costco Photo Center, personalized with a favorite photo, may be the boost of positivity that you need to power through your work. 

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Designing a custom mousepad is a fun way to express your creativity in your workspace. With a pop of color and a photo that you can’t help but smile at – it’s sure to brighten up any busy day.

Plenty of Design Options

Creating a mousepad is fun and easy. You have the option of using one full photo, a set of photos in one of our stylish themes, or combine a collection of your favorite photos into a collage. The orientation of the mousepad is up to you and, if you create a collage, you can customize the border color and add a unique title.

A Workspace Essential

A mousepad may not be at the top of your wish-list, but it is a convenient tool. Not only does it provide smoother and more-responsive movement, it also preserves the surface of your mouse and provides the ergonomic benefit of reducing stress on your wrist. Costco Photo Center’s mousepads measure 8 ¼”x9 ½” and are built to last, made from stain-resistant, high density foam.

A Fun Gift for Students and Coworkers

Roll a custom designed mousepad into a stocking for a great surprise gift. They’ll come in handy for the students in your life, and make for a fun Secret Santa present with your coworkers.

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